What We Do

Conversions of Legacy Systems for a fraction of the usual cost

Firebird Systems uses number of the new “low code” technologies to perform conversions of legacy applications to the Web and the Cloud. With these technologies we can automatically rebuild your legacy applications for the Web and transfer – if needed – your data to a new database efficiently and cheaply.

We convert systems written in:

  • Microsoft VB and Winforms
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Foxpro
  • Gupta SQLWindows
  • Powerbuilder 4 and 5
  • Sybase
  • Dbase2
  • DEC Vax VMS
  • IBM Mainframe CICS or IMS/DC
  • Xbase
  • Cobol
  • …other application development environments

Our staff have a long history of IT development and have hands-on experience in many of the legacy environments listed above. This gives us an advantage in knowing how to rapidly and efficiently convert from these types of legacy environments.

We are also experts in using the Agile methodology for managing the development projects ensuring that the application closely mirrors the user’s business requirements and that the project is delivered in a  continuous, reliable and controlled process. In addition we have extended Agile to cover increased scoping of the deliverables using a “Project Vision” process and document (also used by Microsoft), so that your system doesn’t become a “never ending project”.

All our work is done fixed-price and fixed-timeframe with your satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are thinking of upgrading your legacy system to run on the Web and Cloud connect with us by email at sales@firebirdsystems.co or phone us at +61 401 989 573 (7/24 hours)