Migration of legacy systems to the CLoud

Migrating IT systems to the cloud can save a company between 35% and 75% of their IT spend. The Cloud and Software as a Service means that in future people will use their IT applications in the same way as we use utilities today- turning it on and off like a electricity or water. No need to have a costly computer rooms in your office running day to day IT operations and services. All you need is a Laptop or PC with a Web browser and you can access any of your companies IT system or service, anytime and anywhere, from an office to an airport lounge.

But migrating to the Cloud is not without its challenges. Nearly all applications need to be Web enabled and this means putting a Web front-end on all Windows applications which do not have one now. At Firebird Systems we specialize in rebuilding Web front-ends for applications from WinForms or Gupta SQL Windows and many other development environments.


Rapid Prototyping Web development

We use the latest “low-code” Web Application Develop Environments which are substantially faster than traditional development environments such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. We can rapidly prototype in these environments, so that even at the initial proposal stage you can see the key screens and interfaces of what you will be getting for the finished project..

The way we usually engage with new clients is to do for them a three day Proof of Concept development (pro bono) to show how fast we can develop in our environment and then share the resulting code with the client’s IT development staff.